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Shqip TV is the first site that comes to mind when you think of
Tv Shqip site has a great experience for its users with its appearance and use.
As the Internet speeds up, the video industry has begun to improve itself. This development of Tv Shqip has paced and started its publication life in 2011.
Firstly, we entered our live tv sector as and started broadcasting as so that we can keep it easier.
Later on, due to a technical problem experienced by, quality HD continuous broadcasts continue to serve you.
Our site, which broadcasts live TV using its own broadcasting infrastructure, is separated from other live TV streaming sites by this feature.
Our site adopting HD publication quality as a broadcast format, broadcasts in three different broadcast formats and addresses every internet speed.
These broadcast formats are 720p, 480p, 360p and 288p. In addition, mobile communication is now indispensable.
Due to the cheaper price of mobile Internet and the increase in quota, Shqip Tv can now be viewed on mobile phones.
For this reason, we have developed ourselves on the mobile platform as
Our site, which uses m3u8 format as a broadcast extension, can be watched live on Android-based phones, iPhones and Windows operating systems with uninterrupted HD quality.
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