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Comedy is subjective. Duh. All art is subjective. Your favorite movie might be the only movie I’ve ever walked out of the theater on (uh, if your favorite movie is Caddyshack II, well, bless your heart.) So if you compare this list to the one we ran last year, you’ll see not just a lot of different films (TVshqip has a lot of churn) but something of a difference in philosophy. I’m the comedy editor. I’m here for comedy. Silver Linings Playbook is clearly a better made film than, say, The Brothers Solomon, but it’s not nearly as funny. Both are filed under the comedy section on TVshqip, though, so they’re fair game for a list like this. I pored through the entire list of comedy movies on Netflix this month, which is several hundred movies long, and found the 50 best to share with you today.